12/14/2018 7:48:17 PM
Welcome To House Of Tandoor

A Tandoor is cylindrical clay oven used in North India in which food is cooked over a hot charcoal fire.

House of Tandoor is a fine exotic place where you can find Indian cuisine cooked in a traditional way with exquisite combination of spices.

Come and have the flavor of pure Indian cuisine with us.

  • Chicken cutlet with chili. Goooood.. Hotdogs with chili.. Goooood... French fries with chili.. Oh man.. Mouth watering right now.. .
    - LB Out, New York
  • Always great
    - Abnel A. Vega Vera,
  • Everyone is pretty nice. But the food is so damn good.
    - justin lapoint,
  • Best comfort food period !
    - Vincent Holmes,
  • Best chili on the east coast. Open late. Chili cheeseburger and chili cheesedog wedges all night.
    - Steven Morano,
  • The best chili burgers and hot dogs in town
    - stanley bencosme,
  • Awesome place for when you are in the look out for something greasy.
    - Juan Ospina,
  • The most satisfying meal I have ever had.
    - AJ Lutsky,
  • Good place, excellent, delicious food and cheap.
    - Esao Cruz,
  • Best chili place. Good food and price. Definitely going back to this place. Easy parking available on street.
    - Sunish J.,